Charlie Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies | The Fireman (1916) | Retrospective

Charlie is a fireman who always does everything wrong, but becomes a local hero after he rescues a beautiful girl from a burning house.

The Fireman is the second film Charlie Chaplin distributed by the Mutual Film Corporation in 1916. Released on June 12, it starred Chaplin as the fireman and Edna Purviance as the daughter to Lloyd Bacon.

Film: Charlie Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies | The Fireman (1916)
Produced by: Henry P. Caulfield
Director: Charlie Chaplin, Edward Brewer (technical director)
Written by: Charles Chaplin (scenario); Vincent Bryan (scenario); Maverick Terrell (scenario)
Cast: Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Lloyd Bacon, Eric Campbell

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