Charlie Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies | The Vagabond (1916) | Retrospective

Charlie rescues a kidnapped and abused woman from Gypsies, and the two seem to be falling in love until a rival and her parents arrive. As she starts to leave with the rival, she realizes her heart belongs to Charlie.

Film: Charlie Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies | The Vagabond (1916)
Produced by: Henry P. Caulfield
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Written by: Charles Chaplin (scenario); Vincent Bryan (scenario); Maverick Terrell (scenario)
Cast: Charles Chaplin as Saloon Violinist
Edna Purviance as Gypsy Drudge
Eric Campbell as Gypsy Chieftain
Leo White as Old Jew/Gypsy Woman
Lloyd Bacon as Artist and Gypsy
Charlotte Mineau as Girl’s Mother
Albert Austin as Trombonist
John Rand as Trumpeter, Band Leader
James T. Kelley as Gypsy and Musician
Frank J. Coleman as Gypsy and Musician
Phyllis Allen (uncredited)
Henry Bergman (uncredited)
Fred Goodwins Percussionist / Gypsy (uncredited)

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