Devil vs. Rockers Action Horror I Hellbent (1988) I Retrospective

Director Richard Casey’s second feature is an ambitious and at times dreamlike Faustian story, set in the rough underworld of LA’s heavy metal and punk music scene. Lemmy is the frontman for an unsuccessful band, willing to do anything to make it. After meeting Mr. Tanas, a music promoter, Lemmy is offered the deal of a lifetime: fame for nothing more than his soul. The young singer doesn’t believe in such things and accepts the offer, but quickly learns that this sleazy promoter has more in store for Lemmy than just the stardom he’s dreamed of.

Film: Hellbent (1988)
Director: Richard Casey
Writer: Richard Casey
Cast: Phil Ward, Lyn Levand, David Marciano, Steve DeVorkin, Darcy Nichols, Brad Slaight, Cheryl Slean

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