How many andy hardy movies were made

A total of 16 Andy Hardy movies were made from 1937-1958 at MGM Studios. The franchise began with A Family Affair (1937), starring Mickey Rooney as the title character, a high school student who gets himself into various comical dilemmas and adventures as he experiences growing pains and figures out how to navigate life’s complexities. The series was produced by Judge Mosely Hardy (played by Lionel Barrymore), his wife Emily (Fay Holden) and their son Andy. Other popular actors who appeared in multiple installments include Cecilia Parker, Ann Rutherford, Lewis Stone, Sara Haden, Fay Holden, Bonita Granville, Mary Howard and Robert Taylor.

The 16 films in the series are A Family Affair (1937); You’re Only Young Once (1937); Judge Hardy’s Children (1938); Out West With The Hardys (1938); Love Finds Andy Hardy( 1938 ); The Hardys Ride High ( 1939 );Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever( 1939 );Andy Plays Hookey( 1940 );Andy Hardy Meets Debutante( 1940 );Life Begins For Andy Hardy 1941 ;Bride & Groom Thrills 1941 ;Life Begins for AndyHardy Part2 1942;Courtship Of AndyHardy 1943;AndyHardy’s Double Life 1942;Love Laughs At AndyHardy 1946 ;and An Act of Murder 1948 ).

Since its initial production in 1937 until present day, the franchise has become highly influential in shaping the face of American cinema – inspiring numerous other movie franchises such as National Lampoon’s Vacation series and Home Alone series which feature teen protagonists navigating various hijinks with their families. Even today young audiences can relate to these timeless stories about family dynamics and growing up which still remain relevant over 80 years later!

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