How many charlie chan movies were made

The classic Charlie Chan film series featured a total of 46 feature films, with 5 of these also released in sound Spanish versions. The first 20 films were produced by Fox Film Corporation from 1931-1942. These early films starred Warner Oland as the titular Chinese-American detective and were popular among audiences before World War II. After the war, Monogram Pictures acquired the rights to make new Charlie Chan movies, with Sidney Toler taking over for Oland who had died in 1938. Monogram released 26 more movies between 1944 and 1949. In addition to the 46 feature films, there have been six made-for-television movies featuring Charlie Chan, two short subjects (a 1936 MGM special titled “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo” and a 1944 Universal Cartoon “Murder Can Be Fun”) as well as an animated television series in 1957 titled The New Adventures of Charlie Chan starring Leonard Freeman (- 1962).

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