How many my gal sunday movies are there

There are six “My Gal Sunday” movies that were released between the years of 1936 and 1941. The series starred Paul Kelly and Marian Marsh as husband-and-wife private detectives.

The first movie in the series was released in 1936, titled “My Gal Sunday”. It followed the exploits of Ralph and Laura Sunday, a pair of retired criminals who had taken on detective work after getting married. The couple travels around New York City solving mysteries, including a kidnapping case involving their friend Mary McComber (Marian Marsh).

The second film, “Dark Alibi”, was released in 1946. This time, the circumstances change as Laura must protect an innocent man from certain death while trying to figure out who committed a mysterious murder at an art museum.

The third movie came out four years later in 1950; it’s called “Smart Woman”. In this one, Ralph and Laura investigate strange goings-on at a department store owned by their old friend Sam Livingston (Paul Kelly).

Next up is 1951’s “Scott Free”, which sees Ralph going undercover to crack another mystery with Laura along for moral support.
1950 saw the release of two more films: firstly there was “Strange Gamble” which follows the pair as they attempt to bring down a small town racketeer; then came “Trouble Chasers” where they help another former felon escape danger while tracking down her missing father somehow connected to counterfeiting activities.

The final instalment came out in 1941; this one is titled “Larceny On The Air” where Ralph gets mixed up with some shady radio personalities after being asked by his boss Spencer Morrissey (Henry O’Neill)to find the real killer behind his impostor’s crime spree across America

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