Movies similar to when the bough breaks

If you’re looking for a movie that is similar to When the Bough Breaks, look no further than these five thrilling thrillers.

First up is Don’t Breathe (2016). This intense film follows three criminals who break into an old man’s house with bad intentions—only to find out the mysterious occupant is much more dangerous than they anticipated. It stars Jane Levy and Stephen Lang and has earned critical acclaim for its direction, tension-building script, and stellar performances.

Second on our list is Unforgettable (2017). This crime thriller centers on Tessa Connover (Katherine Heigl), a newly divorced woman whose life is thrown into chaos when her ex-husband marries Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson)—a seemingly perfect rival who threatens to make Tessa’s worst fears come true. With strong performances from both leads, Unforgettable will keep you on the edge of your seat until its suspenseful conclusion.

Thirdly comes Orphan (2009). Vera Farmiga stars in this psychological horror as Kate Coleman, an adopted mother raising two children alongside her husband John in their new home. However, their peaceful existence takes a sinister turn when nine-year-old Esther reveals secrets about her past that lead them to uncover dark truths about their own family history.

Fourthly we have Kidnap (2017), starring Halle Berry as Karla Dyson—a single mother determined to rescue her kidnapped son Max at any cost necessary after he’s taken away by strangers while playing at the park one day. With intense action sequences and heartbreaking moments throughout, this nailbiter will leave you glued to your seat until its edge-of-yourseat conclusion!

Lastly comes The Gift (2015). In this psychological thriller directed by Joel Edgerton—who also plays lead character Simon Callem–Simon gets caught in a tangled web of deceit when he meets Gordo–an old high school classmate who seems hellbent on damaging Simon’s perfect marriage with Robyn(Rebecca Hall) by dredging up dark truths from his past that have been buried away for decades. With great performances from all involved —not least Edgerton himself —The Gift will keep you guessing until its shocking finale!

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