The New Adventures Of Heidi (1978) | Full Family Musical Movie | Retrospective

A sunny young girl, Heidi (Katy Kurtzman), lives with her grandfather (Burl Ives) in the scenic Swiss Alps. Heidi’s relaxed and bucolic existence is shaken, however, when her beloved grandfather begins to lose his vision, and he decides to find others who can care for her. Later her grandfather goes missing, and she accompanies her friend Elizabeth (Sherrie Wills) on a visit to New York City, where she marvels at all of her unfamiliar surroundings.

Film: The New Adventures Of Heidi (1978)
Based On: Heidi characters created by Johanna Spyri
Director: Ralph Senensky
Writer: John McGreevey
Cast: Burl Ives
Katy Kurtzman
John Gavin
Marlyn Mason

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