What order to watch fear street movies

If you’re a fan of thrillers and horror films, you might be wondering what order to watch the Fear Street movies. Fear Street is based on the best-selling books by author R.L. Stine, who also wrote the Goosebumps series. The first film in this trilogy is “Fear Street Part One: 1994”, which was released in 2020 and stars Kiana Madeira (Stranger Things) as teenager Dani Lockhart.

The second movie follows right after that with “Fear Street Part Two: 1978” (2020), starring Ashley Zukerman (Designated Survivor). In this installment, we follow events that occurred to residents of Shadyside many years before the events of part one take place.

The third movie takes us further back in time with “Fear Street Part Three: 1666” (2021), starring Olivia Scott-Taylor (Labyrinth). This movie sets up the origin story for fear street and introduces us to characters from two centuries ago struggling against an ancient evil lurking beneath their town’s cursed soil.

In conclusion, if you plan on watching all three Fear Street movies, it’s recommended to watch them in chronological order starting with 1994 then 1978 lastly 1666 respectively! Enjoy watching!

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